ds9.solidirc.com DOWN. How to Connect!

Written by Weedmonkey on September 30, 2009

Good morning ladies and gentlemen

There is currently a routing issue with ds9.solidirc.com. This means you will not be able to connect to that server. Type in the following command to connect to the network:

/server deathstar.solidirc.com

Hopefully this issue will be resolved ASAP :)


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by Ronnan on 2009-09-30 10:33 CET

you are awesome

by kburts on 2009-10-01 02:58 CET

lolagators! @Ronnan

So true!

by styx^ on 2009-10-01 12:04 CET

for every1 who has no clue about irc he is, yes...

by Weedbaby on 2009-10-02 21:06 CET

Weedmonkey is my god

by Mr_DoomZ on 2009-10-03 06:47 CET

Whats irc?

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