11/09 Extended (T1.x) Master Bye List

Written by derflippi on November 07, 2008

Here's the list of users who receive Bye(s) for the Extended(T1.x) Master on Sunday.
User „Ctrl + F“ to see if you're one of them!

Master Top8: October 28 Extended(T1.x) MWS Master (1 Bye)
T8 Ehri
T8 Xarls
T8 justFAB
T8 Schmirglie
T8 darthlukas
T8 diablo2666
T8 Batutinha
T8 noobburn

Trial winners (2 Byes)

date Nickname Format
27.10 Rackham Standard (T2)
28.10 Xarls Sealed
29.10 Husapi Extended (T1.x)
30.10 MW|Core Extended (T1.x)
01.11 deviant Extended (T1.x)
02.11 Kaesh Standard (T2)
03.11 ovmlcabrera Sealed
04.11 boeda Extended (T1.x)
05.11 beule Extended (T1.x)
06.11 Kurse Sealed
07.11 magic_man11 Standard (T2)
08.11 Zoom-Zoom Extended (T1.x)

Trial runner-ups (1 Bye)
date	Nickname		Format
27.10 Serigado Standard (T2)
28.10 six Sealed
29.10 Zoom-Zoom Extended (T1.x)
30.10 kam_d04 Extended (T1.x)
31.10 Zeroltr MYOS
01.11 Joker619 Extended (T1.x)
02.11 ChiDoRiE Standard (T2)
03.11 SkaTista Sealed
04.11 mishimakaz Extended (T1.x)
05.11 Streakz Extended (T1.x)
06.11 kam_d04 Sealed
07.11 Verdana Standard (T2)
08.11 asamodious Extended (T1.x)

Top16 Constructed Rating (as of 11/07, 10 PM CET) (1 Bye)
Rank Nickname Rating
x x x
unless we're solving the technical difficulties until Sunday,
there won't be Rating Byes for this Master.

Top3 Team members with at least 100 points (as of 11/07, 10 PM CET) (1 Bye)
Team Nickname
los putos amos
“ navajita
“ Vulpi
“ el_cuervito
“ Batutinha
“ Noname1

“	Shooter
“ LuCaparroz
“ sandoiche

Hope and Glory
“ leonin5
“ Lumbalgic

Note: A player cannot have more than two byes. Additionally, only a trial win yields 2 byes; trial runner-ups do not stack. If there are any mistakes, PM CMA-Flippi or respond to this news item.

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by Lynolf on 2008-11-07 23:25 CET

LOL guess there's no byes this time for PV and Ronnan. XD

by sandoiche on 2008-11-07 23:43 CET

good i reached 100 team points today :P

by SkaTista on 2008-11-08 00:34 CET

cheat? 100 points? =[ 89 .... ;{

Go Astekas!

by beule on 2008-11-08 02:10 CET

how lucky i won a trial hurr

by Eldariel on 2008-11-09 03:21 CET

Wahh, rating byes :( Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter that much since I couldn't have played anyways.

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