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Welcome to Magic-League! Magic-League is an online Magic: The Gathering community operated by a dedicated team of volunteers for the community. On Magic-League you can chat, play in tournaments and more!



With over 150 000 registered members, Magic-League is one of the largest independent tournament bodies for Magic: The Gathering tournaments worldwide. Starting as a branch of the website, Magic-League has always been a place where Magic players can play the game they love regardless of where they live or what language they speak. Since launching its own website in 2004, Magic-League has continued to grow and offer a variety of features to the community.

Some of the features we offer include:

  • Tournaments. Magic-League runs both scheduled and unscheduled tournaments through its dedicated team of independent volunteer judges. There is at least one scheduled event every day. More events fire ad-hoc.
  • Ratings System. Magic-League has its own independent ratings system. Tournaments and ranked matches on Magic-League are categorised into one of four rating categories: Constructed, Limited, Eternal and Other.
  • Rankings. Magic-League provides rankings for its rating system for players across each of four rating categories.
  • Online Chat. Through Internet Relay Chat (IRC), community members can chat, find matches, and participate in tournaments.
  • Forums. For community members who wish to discuss a topic in-depth, Magic-League offers a comprehensive forum for discussion.
  • Articles and Coverage. Magic-League offers articles and tournament coverage for the community, by the community.

Magic-League is an independent website, and is not endorsed or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast or the DCI.

Get Started!

Getting started on Magic-League is simple: create an account, find an application to use to play Magic, and away you go!

Your Checklist:

  1. Sign up for an account with Magic-League
  2. Download an application for playing Magic: The Gathering over the internet
  3. Join a tournament

Sign up for an Account with Magic-League

The first step in getting started on Magic-League involves navigating to the Sign Up page on Magic-League and creating an account. You will be asked the enter a number of details including a username, password, and e-mail address. It is important to provide an e-mail address to an account you check regularly, as Magic-League uses your e-mail address to provide correspondence for league matters, such as notification of the outcome of a protested match result.

If you wish to update your details at any point, you can do so via the Update Profile link in your Control Panel. After you log in to Magic-League, your Control Panel is at the top right of your screen.

Connect to Magic-League's Chat Rooms on Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a platform for communicating with other people online, like AIM or Windows Live Messenger. People can communicate in a number of chat rooms (referred to as 'channels' in IRC).

For the convenience of its users, Magic-League provides an integrated client in its website for users to connect to IRC. You can connect through this to IRC via the Play Room link on the website. This client will take you to one or more Magic-League channels of your choice. From there, you can start experiencing Magic-League straight away!

Magic-League operates a number of channels on IRC for the community:

#magic-league is the main Magic-League channel. Most tournaments operate through this channel. This is also the main channel for players to find matches with other players.

#judges4you is the channel where Magic-League's team of judges reside. In this channel, you can ask rules and tournament related questions. Sometimes, a judge isn't immediately available to answer your question - if this happens to you, please be patient. A judge will answer your question as soon as they are available to. We also ask that once all of your questions have been answered that you leave the channel. That way, judges are aware of who still requires asssitance.

Many members of the Magic-League community choose to download and use an IRC client to connect to IRC after becoming familiar with communicating with IRC on Magic-League. IRC applications have a greater range of features than a website-based client, and often have the ability to have their functionality extended through scripting. Some examples of popular IRC clients include:

About SolidIRC

SolidIRC was founded in 2003 by former staff members of the LiquidIRC IRC network. In 2005, Magic-League migrated to the SolidIRC network. Impressed with the dedicated and friendly staff, Magic-League has developed a close working relationship with the network administrators. While Magic-League does not own SolidIRC, a number of Magic-League members have become staff members with SolidIRC:

If you wish to learn more about the SolidIRC network, visit the SolidIRC website or join #solidirc on IRC.

Download an Application for Playing Magic: The Gathering Over the Internet

At Magic-League, we allow players to use any application they wish when participating in tournaments or ranked matches with other players. There are a number of applications that allow you to build decks and play Magic: The Gathering with other players by either directly connecting to them or by connecting to a server.

We encourage players to find an application they are comfortable with, and become familiar with how to use it before entering tournaments or ranked matches with other players. To find an application, you can use a search engine such as Google, look for lists of Magic: The Gathering software on Wikipedia, or check out the Software sub-forums on many Magic: The Gathering forums.

If you have difficulty finding an application to use, feel free to ask in #magic-league on IRC. Community members will be more than happy to point you in the right direction if they are around.

Once you have found an application, download and install it. Many applications offer a 'solitaire' feature that allows players to test out the application and their decks before connecting to another player. Take advantage of this and familiarize yourself with how the application works - this will help to ease yourself into playing online with other members of the Magic-League community.

Note: Magic-League does not host or provide support for softwares and other possibly copyrighted external product.

Read Magic-League's Tournament Documents

Magic-League has published a set of documents regarding tournament play to reflect Magic-League's online nature. Magic-League endeavours to honour and uphold the rules and regulations the DCI sets.

There are two main documents published by Magic-League:

  • Penalty Guidelines. Equivalent to the DCI Infraction Procedure Guide, the Penalty Guidelines list infractions, the penalty associated with them, and any possible remedy to the situation.
  • Floor Rules. Equivalent to the DCI Magic Tournament Rules, the Floor Rules outline the regulations for playing in Magic-League tournaments.

It is important that new players become familiar with these documents so they understand the expectations of them within tournaments. For those familiar with DCI tournament play, there are differences in some areas of tournament rules to reflect the difference between playing in a DCI tournament and playing on Magic-League.


Magic-League hosts tournaments regularly. In addition to scheduled tournaments, judges can run regular 'mini' tournaments whenever they wish.

Registering for a Tournament

When registration is open for a tournament, there will be periodic announcements made in the appropriate league channel (#magic-league for most tournaments). If there is an announcement for a tournament you wish to join, go to the home page and refresh it. There will be a panel that appears in the centre of the page with information about the type of tournament, number of players currently registered, and a link to register for the tournament.

Clicking on the link to register will take you to a screen that asks you for your nickname on chat. It is very important to provide the same nickname you use on chat (and preferably use your account name on chat) so that players can find you throughout the duration of the tournament. Depending on the format of the tournament, you may be also asked to upload a decklist from your play application. Once you have completed registration, you will be redirected to a screen that contains your information for the tournament. If the tournament requires a decklist, your decklist will be displayed along with security codes for different play applications.

Note: It is important that if the play application you are using supports security codes that you check that the security code for your decklist in the play application matches the security code listed in the Magic-League website. If it doesn't, please contact the judge hosting the event so that our judges can help you solve the problem!

Start of Round

Once registration for a tournament has closed, the judge running the tournament will start the first round of the tournament. There will be an announcement posted in chats, along with the pairings for the round. When this announcement is made, you should first make contact with your opponent by private message. This can be done by double clicking on their name in the list of users to the right of the IRC client.

Once you have made contact with your opponent, both you and your opponent decide on a play application to use and a method of connection (either through a server or directly connecting to a player). Connect to your opponent, and play!

Once Your Match is Complete

Once you have completed your match, refresh the home page. There will be a panel in the middle of the page where you can enter the results of your match between you and your opponent. There will also be a link for you to drop from the tournament if you wish.

Single Matches

Magic-League also allows players to play single 'ranked' matches with their opponents. These are informally referred to as 'league' matches.

A player may advertise in chat channels that they are looking for a league match of a certain format (for example, a 'modern league match'). If you wish to participate in a singles match with your opponent, first contact them via private message and mention that you are interested in playing. To challenge a player, click on the Single Matches link on the home page (which is in the top-right corner):

  • If you are challenging your opponent, enter their nickname, the appropriate rating category (if you are unsure, ask your opponent) and the type of match it is. Then click Submit.
  • If you are being challenged, you will see the details of your opponent's challenge. If you don't see any errors in what they have entered, click Accept.

Once the match has been accepted, both of you determine the method of connection and play application to use, much like the same method at the beginning of a round in a tournament. Once you have agreed, connect to your opponent and play!

More Questions?

If you have any further questions, check out the FAQ or ask in #magic-league. If people are around, they'll be more than happy to help!

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