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Netdraft 2.0 guide

Step one: Download and install NetDraft.

Go to this page to download and install NetDraft. Updated patches can be found here.

Step two: Launch NetDraft

Launch NetDraft from the start menu, now you'll have two options, hosting a draft, or connecting to a draft. All you need to know is how to connect to a draft when you play in magic-league, because when we organise a draft, there are other people who will host. Go to file -> Connect. You will get the following screen:

The host of a draft always gives his or her IP address. You must copy/paste this into this screen and then press 'connect'. Mark Netdraft 1.xx server if the server is run with a previous version of Netdraft (this is only if the host says so).

Step three: Drafting.

What you do is draft the packs by double-clicking the card name. In the bottom left-hand corner, you see how much time you have left to pick. If you didn't pick a card in time, one random card will be 'goofgrabbed'. You can see the seatings of the players and whether or not they have picked their card by the red or green dot in front of their name. The IP address of everyone is listed above along with the apprentice security code if their deck is ready. This code prevents people from changing their decks, it pops up when you start a game in apprentice. You can get the game text of a card by right-clicking it.

Step four: Building your deck.

After all cards have been drafted, you can build your deck, then save it in apprentice format. All options in the deckbuilding screen speak for themselves.

Step five: Finding a draft

To get into a draft, use mIRC to connect with and go to the channels: #Magic-League and #Draft4You. You'll have to wait until someone starts a draft or you can host a draft yourself. We hope that we will run draft tournaments in the future for our league.

Have fun drafting!

Hosting a draft

NOTE: All firewalls must have been disabled in order to run a server.

Launch NetDraft and do file -> Host.

You have several options here, either booster or rochester draft, the different packs, whether or not to use print runs and the time people have to take their pick. Mark 'Fix seats' if you don't want the seatings to be done randomly. You can also join your own draft by marking on Run Client, and fill in the field with your own name. Your IP address appears in the title bar and the port you draft on is usually 5253. If it's not, report so in the channel you are posting the ip in. Once all settings are correct click 'Listen' to start waiting for players. If you have enough players, click on start draft. You can kick people if you feel it's needed by clicking their name and then press kick.

Have fun hosting/drafting!

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