Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see top Magic: the Gathering decks of Magic-League tournaments. The Magic: the Gathering decks are sorted by format. This decks section is updated 3 times a week with new decks! Click on the decks to view them.

Battle for Zendikar Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Mardu Green Andrew Feb 10 Trial Tournament
2nd GRC Ramp S0ng0
3rd Mardu Green Hades
1st Rakdos Dragons AlexW_2 Feb 08 Trial Tournament
2nd 4c Midrange seeBanane
3rd Bant Company MEGAFOO
1st Abzan Displacer CoughDaze Feb 06 Trial Tournament
2nd Atarka Red joker9
3rd Grixis Prowess propelled
1st Atarka Red w1gl4f Feb 05 Trial Tournament
2nd Bc Eldrazi Csquared08
3rd Jeskai Black Siric
1st Mardu Green Andrew Feb 03 Trial Tournament
2nd UGC Megamorph DRjester
3rd Grixis Prowess propelled
4th Abzan Company Goldenas

Modern Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Worship Chord kenny18O Feb 11 Trial Tournament
2nd RW Land Destruction shadowfuryix
3rd Atarka Red sensiking
1st Lantern Control artfranc007 Feb 09 Trial Tournament
2nd Goblins OctoOoze
3rd Ascension Storm Speedbump
1st TitanShift Oppo Feb 07 Master Tournament
2nd UR Eldrazi seeBanane
Top4 Nacatl Burn Speedbump
Top4 UR Eldrazi/Burn Pikachu
Top8 Colorless Eldrazi WTF
Top8 Jeskai Control Foomanjew343
Top8 Affinity Green Incontroll
Top8 Processor Eldrazi Ichi
1st Monoblack Eldrazi kenny18O Feb 07 Trial Tournament
2nd UR Eldrazi Wrinkle22
3rd UR Eldrazi Mayael

Legacy Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Eldrazi Dylan Feb 12 Trial Tournament
2nd Sneak and Show sutlifa
3rd Esper Deathblade kevinliu
1st Infect jatienza_4 Feb 10 Trial Tournament
2nd Dredge shadowfuryix
3rd Lands triplekriz
1st Junk Living Wish triplekriz Feb 06 Trial Tournament
2nd ANT Rekt12345678
3rd Esper Tezzblade Jeffrey

Vintage Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st BUG Fish triplekriz Jan 31 Trial Tournament
2nd Shops shadowfuryix
3rd UWR Pyro abzanasshole
1st Temur Delver Sabertooth20 Jan 30 Trial Tournament
2nd UR Delver Speedbump

Sealed Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st URC Eldrazi Andrew Feb 11 Trial Tournament
2nd BWR Allies Speedbump
1st Abzan abzanasshole Oct 22 Trial Tournament
2nd UB jwebber
3-4th Temur Trinquin
3-4th Abzan seeBanane

RFT Random Format Tournament Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Burn CoughDaze Dec 12 Trial Tournament
1st UW Control HdH_Cthulhu Dec 12 Trial Tournament
2nd Burn johnpyp
1st UW Control Leclairandy Dec 10 Trial Tournament
1st Artifact Burn Wrinkle22 Dec 07 Trial Tournament
1st MBC shadowfuryix Dec 04 Trial Tournament
2nd Burn CoughDaze
3rd UB Control Wrinkle22

Other Fun Formats Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st 5C MoJhoSto seeBanane Jan 17 Trial Tournament
2nd 5C MoJhoSto Dylan
3rd 5C MoJhoSto JPAzS71121
4th 5C MoJhoSto derflippi

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