Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see top Magic: the Gathering decks of Magic-League tournaments. The Magic: the Gathering decks are sorted by format. This decks section is updated 3 times a week with new decks! Click on the decks to view them.

Shadows over Innistrad Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st RG Ramp Strid3r May 28 Trial Tournament
2nd Sultai Seasons Past Prie5t
1st UG Ramp KittyCOW May 26 Trial Tournament
2nd RG Ramp Bluejay216
1st Bant Company Jace8101 May 23 Trial Tournament
2nd Bant Midrange triplekriz
1st UG Assault Form Oslec_btu May 21 Trial Tournament
1st Naya Walkers BulletClub May 19 Trial Tournament
2nd RG Ramp JerseyDevil
Top4 GW Tokens Jace8101
Top4 4C Rites Trinquin
1st GW Tokens Scuta04 May 17 Trial Tournament
2nd GB Aurora ulamog21
3rd Esper Dragons Jace8101
1st 4Color Rites max09 May 15 Master Tournament
2nd Sultai Midrange DRjester
Top4 Bant Company Taco_Farmer
Top4 Bant Company MikiMas
Top8 Abzan Seasons Past Jinete_dV
Top8 GW Tokens GiancarloExp

Modern Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st RW Prison Toffa May 29 Master Tournament
2nd Infect Jinete_dV
Top4 Ad Nauseam JVidal
Top4 Jund njs33
Top8 Jund voidillusion
Top8 UB Faeries Cricco
Top8 Burn Speedbump
Top8 Burn Duodax
1st Naya Breach Trap AlexPistols May 29 Trial Tournament
1st Bant Eldrazi Jace8101 May 28 Trial Tournament
2nd RG Tron noobface
1st RG Eldrazi MikiMas May 26 Trial Tournament
2nd UB Mill Strid3r
top 4 Grixis Control Milo666
top 4 Nahiri Breach CuervoStaFe
1st GW Hatebears triplekriz May 25 Trial Tournament
2nd Breach Trap AlexPistols
3rd Jeskai Control iKringe

Legacy Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Infect Goldenas May 28 Trial Tournament
2nd Burn sensiking
1st Moggcatcher Stompy Bluejay216 May 27 Trial Tournament
2nd Hypergenesis TheRealPlaty
1st Sultai Delver adalid May 24 Trial Tournament
2nd Eldrazi artfranc007
1st Eldrazi Jinete_dV May 22 Trial Tournament
2nd Sultai Delver adalid
3rd Sneak and Show noobpwnerr

Vintage Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st UR TITI Gush adalid Apr 16 Trial Tournament
2nd Oath of Druids Wackei
3rd Jeskai Control Foomanjew343
1st Sultai Fish j0nas Apr 10 Trial Tournament
2nd Shops Jinete_dV

Sealed Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st URC Eldrazi Andrew Feb 11 Trial Tournament
2nd BWR Allies Speedbump
1st Abzan abzanasshole Oct 22 Trial Tournament
2nd UB jwebber
3-4th Temur Trinquin
3-4th Abzan seeBanane

RFT Random Format Tournament Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Burn CoughDaze Dec 12 Trial Tournament
1st UW Control HdH_Cthulhu Dec 12 Trial Tournament
2nd Burn johnpyp
1st UW Control Leclairandy Dec 10 Trial Tournament
1st Artifact Burn Wrinkle22 Dec 07 Trial Tournament
1st MBC shadowfuryix Dec 04 Trial Tournament
2nd Burn CoughDaze
3rd UB Control Wrinkle22

Other Fun Formats Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st 5C MoJhoSto seeBanane Jan 17 Trial Tournament
2nd 5C MoJhoSto Dylan
3rd 5C MoJhoSto JPAzS71121
4th 5C MoJhoSto derflippi

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