Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see top Magic: the Gathering decks of Magic-League tournaments. The Magic: the Gathering decks are sorted by format. This decks section is updated 3 times a week with new decks! Click on the decks to view them.

Battle for Zendikar Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Atarka Red GGbizz Oct 03 Trial Tournament
2nd 4C Aggro Mayael
3rd Landfall Aggro OctoOoze
4th GR See the Unwritten Hoppity
4th WW voidillusion
4th Landfall Aggro seedLT
1st Abzan Aggro Jinete_dV Oct 03 Trial Tournament
2nd Abzan Midrange SchizoidMan
3rd Jeskai Dragons abzanasshole
1st Atarka Red esurio Oct 02 Trial Tournament
2nd Abzan Aggro SchizoidMan
3rd Eldrazi Green Raizes

Khans Standard (T2) Magic: the Gathering Decks

Top2 Abzan Aggro Incontroll Sep 20 Master Tournament
Top2 Abzan Control max09
Top4 JaceKai metzel_usa
Top4 Abzan Control seeBanane
Top8 UR Artifacts KidRiver
Top8 Temur Ramp TheLemmyW
Top8 RB Dragon OliviaVess
Top8 JaceKai Xemnon
1st Abzan Rally ByeByeWorld Sep 18 Trial Tournament
2nd RB Dragons abzanasshole
Top4 UR Ensoul Angelmg82
Top4 RG Devotion DRjester
1st UR Ensoul IAMATOASTERz Sep 14 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Control seeBanane
3rd Abzan Control saurgoth
4th Bant Heroic Goldenas
4th Abzan Rally kingslayer98

Modern Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Infect Goldenas Sep 29 Trial Tournament
2nd Lantern Prison seeBanane
4th Infect confuchos
4th Affinity TheLemmyW
1st U Tron Jean_de_Metz Sep 25 Trial Tournament
2nd Blackshift TheRainmaker
3rd Grixis Control Ravager20
1st Soul Sisters Hoppity Sep 23 Trial Tournament
2nd Faeries TheRainmaker
Top4 Amulet Combo Hadessniper
Top4 Robots Nasanfer

Legacy Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Deathblade sonan Sep 30 Trial Tournament
2nd MUD Ravager20
1st Burn jchaguaceda Sep 26 Trial Tournament
1st Mentor Miracles Gul_Dukat Sep 23 Trial Tournament
2nd Infect Goldenas
3rd Shardless Sultai abzanasshole
1st Dredge SpamPoppy Sep 19 Trial Tournament
2nd Lands Gwaney
3rd Burn seeBanane

Vintage Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Jeskai Mentor Jinete_dV Sep 27 Trial Tournament
1st Hangarback Shops FREDDYJSG Sep 13 Trial Tournament
2nd Grixis Theives ishumprod
1st Oath seeBanane Aug 29 Trial Tournament
2nd Sultai Fish Dead_Parrot
3rd Dredge jatienza_4

Other Fun Formats Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st BYOB UW Enchantments saurgoth Nov 23 Trial Tournament
2nd BYOB Sneak&Show syspunk
Top4 BYOB Esper Control CTC-Wrinkle
Top4 BYOB UB Faeries shadowist
1st UW Delver (ISD-SOM) yarlei Sep 28 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Delver (ISD-SOM) xJudicatorx
Top4 UB Faeries (LRW-TSP) el_focker
Top4 Mythic Bant (ZEN-ALA) Xemnon

Sealed Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Red White GGbizz Aug 17 Trial Tournament
2nd Blue White Hadessniper
3rd Blue Red JebBush
1st UB Ravager20 Jun 08 Trial Tournament
2nd UB AlterSad
3rd RB Nice
1st BW Csquared08 Jun 04 Trial Tournament
2nd GRB Goldenas
3rd RB HdH_Cthulhu

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