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Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see top Magic: the Gathering decks of Magic-League tournaments. The Magic: the Gathering decks are sorted by format. This decks section is updated 3 times a week with new decks! Click on the decks to view them.

Standard(T2) Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Esper Control ___ Apr 22 Trial Tournament
2nd Boros Deck Wins CMA-Flippi
3rd Mono Blue Devotion max09
1st Esper Control ___ Apr 15 Trial Tournament
2nd Rakdos Aggro Kabelis
Top4 Esper Control max09
Top4 Bw Control Pringlez
1st Boros Deck Wins CMA-Flippi Apr 08 Trial Tournament
2nd Esper Control ___
3rd Jund Monsters _Godica
1st Bw Control dumbrally Apr 03 Trial Tournament
2nd Esper Aggro-Control ___
3rd Br Devotion Oppo
1st Br Devotion Oppo Apr 01 Trial Tournament
2nd Esper Control max09
Top4 GW Aggro daguob
Top4 Esper Aggro-Control Hardy

Modern Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st UG Infect Allista Apr 18 Trial Tournament
2nd Esper Mill _Godica
3rd Turbo Time Walk Pegachris
1st Naya Blink d3m0n Apr 11 Trial Tournament
2nd Ad Nausem batmanjoker
Top4 Burn _Godica
Top4 UWR Control Ameni
1st UGR TempoTwin Zits Apr 04 Trial Tournament
2nd Melira Pod dumbrally
3rd Tribal Zoo brainburst

Legacy Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Shardless BUG _Godica Apr 20 Master Tournament
2nd Esper Death-Blade el_focker
Top4 BUG Delver kamotero
Top4 Dredge staja91
Top8 UWR Counterbalance ___
Top8 BUG Explorer ilverro666
Top8 Elves! Phoney
Top8 BUG Delver dumbrally

Vintage Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st BUG Fish mister_milk May 12 Trial Tournament
2nd Terra Nova warwizard87
3rd Jace Control kam_d04
1st Jace Control kamotero Oct 08 Trial Tournament
2nd Jace Control max09
3rd Stax moscowdemon

RFT Random Format Tournament Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Punishing Bant Pegachris Apr 13 Trial Tournament
2nd Clean UW Control _Godica
Top4 Punishing UW Control el_focker
Top4 Naya Midrange DuckyNinja

Other Fun Formats Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st MYOS Painter Stone xJudicatorx May 04 Trial Tournament
2nd MYOS Show and Sneak Steveman
3rd MYOS Naya Beatdown silverbullet
1st Show and Sneak (US/UL/ROE) Steveman Jan 26 Trial Tournament
2nd Tooth and Nail (MR/UL/ROE) MightyDuck
Top4 Vampires (ZEN/WWK/ROE) DonDiggy
Top4 Show and Sneak (US/UL/ROE) pg8
1st Jund(Alara) Clipzzz Jan 23 Trial Tournament
2nd 5-Color Control(Lorwyn) EJLV
Top4 Dromar Control(Invasion) Dr_Jozeca
Top4 Thallids(Time Spiral) metal_slime

Sealed Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Red White Gman19 Apr 07 Trial Tournament
2nd Blue Black Nice
3rd Red Black macmike
1st Green Black Dantalion Mar 24 Trial Tournament
2nd Blue Red Slicer
Top4 Red White Duodax
Top4 Red Black splash Blue macmike
1st RG Combat Tricks saurgoth Feb 15 Trial Tournament
2nd BGw Good Stuff Canabiest
3rd URg Tempo Selkie

Theros Block Constructed Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Gu Devotion max09 Apr 17 Trial Tournament
2nd Monoblack Aggro Duodax
1st Mono Black Aggro Pringlez Apr 10 Trial Tournament
2nd Gu Devotion max09
Top4 Naya Monsters brainburst
Top4 Mono Black Aggro Erebos[Col]

Highlander Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Grixis Control DARKING Jul 03 Trial Tournament
2nd Naya DTrooper
3rd Esper Control Ehri

Filth Casserole Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Monoblack Aggro YiiiMTG Sep 29 Trial Tournament
2nd White Weenie BIRDYYY
3rd Naya Hatterator Steveman

Commander Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st Venser, Shaper Savant xipy36 Dec 08 Trial Tournament
2nd Derevi, Empyrial Tactician aule
3rd Animar, Soul of Elements Selkie

Pauper Magic: the Gathering Decks

1st GW Auras checoso Apr 28 Trial Tournament
2nd MonoG Infect Kabelis
3rd GW Auras RAC
1st UB Tendril Control KriswithaK Oct 06 Trial Tournament
2nd UU Delver Jacois
Top4 UU Delver lucianoramon
Top4 Suicide Black BIRDYYY

More Archived Magic: the Gathering Decks:

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